Free Rosita box


I made the exact same purchase on the exact same day as my friend and he got the Rosita box, and I didn’t although his account is older than mine can somebody pls help me out


Eu também estou com o mesmo problema que tu. Ja mandei um ticket para eles mas ainda não tive qualquer tipo de resposta… É injusto…


seria legal se eles se importassem mais com seus fãs do que com dinheiro


Translation … it’s garbage


Same here. I made a purchase on my McCormick account the day I saw the promo ad and I did not receive any box or Rosita


Pretty sure I didn’t make a purchase and got the box. Go figure


apoyo la mocion con toda violencia ( i have buy a 30 days pass and dont have the box)


Mine got sent to a mini that i made a few days ago so kinda mad bout it


I never saw the offer but made a purchase in the time frame and got the box. They can’t even get their compensation right.


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