Free Roadmap - Thank you


Just wanted to say thanks for the cans and the Free Roadmap, definitely unexpected but appreciated. A little late but didn’t really see anyone comment on this.


I fully agree. Wasn’t sure if the whole thing is some kind of bug or mistake at first.

Setting the time limit aside, these roadmaps are an infinite source of food, wood (albeit petty small amounts) and especially survivors. It probably matters little for end game players, but for early mid-game guys like me it’s pure heaven. I literally got thousands of survivors out of these maps so far.

So thanks a lot for that little experiment. Much appreciated by both my training camps and me. :smiley:


Actually, yeah… thanks. Anniversary-gate aside, this was a pleasant surprise.


The generous amount of survival road cans was very welcome


They did it in a effort to get everyone to switch focus off the .99¢ offer bullshit, that’s it. Just like they did when they announced region transfers when everyone said no to Combat Mods!
They’re counting on the communities short attention span to continue business as usual. Milking us of money is that business as usual.


Or they did it to jump start the new leagues participation, as the timing coincided with league seeding opening up.


Gloves and shirts!!! Farm this map like crazy!!


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