Free road map failing


Betting its not just me. Company hates free so much even their roadmap is bugged out. Getting constant servers under maintenance or calling it internet connection issues…Lol so sad.

Wont even allow a free roadmap to run properly. Im stuck at the end of stage 2 it wont let it finish. POS.


Nevermind its popping up everywhere now not just the roadmap.

Also a great idea to launch shit just before war!!

I mean with your track record of making sure things are ready to go live wtf could possible go wrong :confused:


Just got back in to the game and what a surprise…no free roadmap for me…where is it @JB.Scopely


:joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy:. Good ole Scopely


Did anyone get cans from any of the stages?! Que the long list of threads about how that’s not fair


It’s working fine for me… Got it.


I don’t have it either. Damnit :angry:


open survival road for a few seconds it will pop back up on the roadmap


No roadmap for me wtf not like I need the cans but still free is free



Some ppl have it and some dont. This is the Scopely way.


I don’t have it either


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this was my baby region … Nothing in main. Not much of an age difference. Maybe low accounts only ?


I’m really sorry scopley. I didn’t mean to pull that plug to charge my phone. I fixed it servers back up. Pleaseeee can blount have free stuff road map?
You’ll be my bestest friend.


Wtf… I don’t have this new
“Free Roadmap”!!!
Really!?! Yet another example of how inept they are. First the .99¢ offer fiasco now this :+1: great job


Why is this roadmap not in Cook region?


I swear to god if this is another “only for new players” fiasco I am going to lose it


On Friday 9/14, promotional offers with free cans were mistakenly sent to a small subset of players. These offers were sent in error and should not have been delivered to players. The very small group of players who chose to engage with these offers will be able to keep their items.

These promotional offers were intended to include NOTHING to celebrate the end of some forgettable event, which is scheduled to end never. As with prior events, Survival Tokens will convert to Supply Points at the conclusion of the event. Not that you have any of these anymore, and are crap anyways.

In order to give all players access to the promotional offers as originally intended, we won’t do a thing. We won’t be sending 300 free Survival Tokens to all players and there won’t be a corrected version of the promotional offers. Please allow 24 hours to receive NOTHING.

We apologize for any confusion this may have caused.


@JB.Scopely Congratulations. You just lost ANOTHER player!! I quit, just nuked my entire account. Wish I could say the 3 years of bullshit was fun. :v: