Free Quill Offer no longer available?

I’ve noticed that some customers recieved this free offer. Unfortunately I’ve not received it and wondering if other customers are in the same boat.

I wondered if it was gonna pop up again but after a day it hasn’t.

@GR.Scopely will this offer be able to be redeemed by customers who weren’t offered this or if timed, who weren’t able to redeem this offer?.

Given this game is global it would be nice for Scopely to re-advertise such one time offers at different times to account for this.


I never saw this offer. If it was only up for a short time I was probably asleep.

Yay! You’ve found the gate! ; p


Probably SC members

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never saw that too.

If it’s the same as last event it’s sc members and not daily, every 3 days I think.


Last event had the quill gift for SC members as part of the event announcement, as did the bonus missions for the Thanksgiving event. It’s of course possible that they forgot to announce it, especially with how complicated the event is, but they’re usually good about reminding people about the benefits of subscription (given that there are not that many).


Its for sc members and if its anything like last words you get it once per word segment not once a day. So you should get another one in 32 hours per the time of my posting.

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I got it iv got SC


Not worth it

This offer is currently no available and I can check with the team if this will be back and when so I can communicate properly on this.

Note: As I write this there’s at least another one (not free) available that contains amongst other things 3x Silvers and 2x Gold quills.


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Nobody wants the not free ones :joy:

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Thanks @GR.Scopely, it may have been a Survivial club offer, but hopefully it’s not. On a ■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■ until Scopely improves their product and services but thanks for the heads up!

Where is an update on sc or are you going to say taking it to the team for 5083847th time? There has been nothing in comics for how long a month. At least could have gotten a quill for this event.

i miss it :frowning:

1 quill for period :slight_smile:

I had two mail box offers for limited letters (I think it was choose one each of about 4 or 5 options). Left them for about a day to see which other letters I could get and now the mail and the offer for the letters are gone. Seems like there are either bugs or VERY limited time offers. That being said, I’ve never seen an offer vanish that fast from the mail box.

Why cant yall give us 5 gold quills and 5 silver quills? Y’all cant be that damn greedy to give out just 5 of each. Have a heart scopely.

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you aint getting shit lol

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Yeah, I think that most of us will be lucky if we can even get a single 5* version.