Free pies not appearing bug


Event just came out. It supposed to give 1 pie for non monthly subbers daily and extra 5 for subbers.
I didnt get as a monthly paying costumer while fac mates did.
Also i cant find any announcement from this event…

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I got 1 only 29 to go for a few trainers Woo Hoo image image image image IMG_2449 image image


you guys are getting pies?


Black market, scroll across to Freedom

I got a free pie as well, In the shop, I claimed it, but now I have no idea where it has gone ???

Museum scroll down until you come to Pie, then buy 29 more and collect a few trainers🤗

Ah I see it now - Its called “Freedom” cheers LB

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Monthly subscribers supposed to get 6… like this… but its not working. And no they didnt pay for bag. They got 6 for free

Lol Freedom. Made me laugh. Thanks Scoopey

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$5 for a Platinum Mod, 50 Burt, or 12 different cans is definitely not Scopely’s worst offer

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Sounds pretty crappy to me. Total waste of $5 bucks. How about donating that money to St. Jude children’s hospital and do some good instead.


St. Judes corrupt af

Even in capital letters… I know this is subjective but it just looks so so tacky.

'Murica! For the next one yeah?

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