Free Offer in the Shop

Don’t miss the free offer. 2 Toy Robots, a Raid Can, a World Can, and some other stuff. I would have missed it if someone on Global didn’t say anything so go check it out.


THANK YOU!!! Probably wouldnt have seen it :clown_face:

Don’t have this offer in my game.

Thanks! Never even popped up, definitely would have missed it.

I needed the bloody shirt.

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Nothing here

I got it! didn’t see it either till you pointed it out - thanks!

That’s rough man. I was blessed by RNGesus and got an elegant incense! No one will be able to stop me in the next war!


If yours is like mine, scroll right in the offers. It hides.

You lucky SOB. :+1:t2:

Omg another world refill for mindless farming… Dude I’m so happy :blush:

Now I want a 4* Snowman Human Shield…


You sir, deserve money. Thank you.

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Im typically one to complain, but are people really bitching about the free stuff contained in the gift box for Day 1…

I mean its day 1.

Did you expect a radio/watch combo and a 1000 coins.

Its free shit.


Hahahha remember me in day 12 when you still Get trash for the presents and then we Will talk about the “wait, It can be good”

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I dont care it ends up being 12 days of garbage.

Its free. Ill take it. Ill use it.

Im going to play anyways.

Im more concerned with bigger issues, like 6* gear, ascendance medals, war rewards and overall health of the servers. This christmas event just started. And so far, it does not suck.

It really is only day one. I already got my robot from the museum turn in. Used 7 raids, and free energy.

It was easy.

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So you’re saying that you’re happy with an event that Will give us (and maybe the right ones) 6* gear. And before they Said that would be a roadmap to Farm 6* gear…

So, pretty much you’re saying “Good job, Scopely. You’re doing fine”. You, sir, is part of the problem.


And you sir are one of the whiny complainers carrying a pitchfork. Just quit already


Yeah, I think we know who Damage more the game :slight_smile:

@Smash @HenriqueGRR
Oh you furry fellows bickering, how cute :smile:
(Just going by the profile pic by the way lol)