Free mods removal?

@GR.Scopely, will there be a free mod removal this week prior to CRW?

There always is dont think we missed a week.

it is not on the calendar so need to confirm with him

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It’s never on the calendar

Yes it is. It is on the calendar both in visual and text format.

Waiting to hear back from the team on this :slight_smile:

In terms of process - I put the event on the calendar once it has been confirmed.


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have you took @Rickygrimes idea to the team about a free ascension day where it would cost no medals but still would need to use the 8 fodder toons as that’s a really good idea

Any update on this?

It’s funny and terrible at the same time that before every war we have to ask about it and GR must ask the „team”. This should be standard.

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Nothing so far. I chaise them for answer. :slight_smile:


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go get them…show no mercy! :laughing:

I have been told that there will be a Mod Removal tomorrow.



Wow first time this week they answered you
Any answers How the counting for winbonus affekt 1b-3 for woc yet too

I hope not!

Following this, I have updated both calendars on the forum and the blog posts:



Seeing your replying go join where our maggie is posts

Why does it seem almost every mod removal event we need to ask if it’s happening? Can’t that just be planned out and the information provided to you @GR.Scopely on a timely matter? Feels like every second one people have to ask of it’s happening

thank you for making this happen. Would it be possible to have free mod removal automatic for the week of war?

@Opie @Thomas_Liang - Also waiting to get some answers from the team on this based on your feedback.


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