Free Mod Removal?

I saw a pop-up about free mod removal a few hours ago.

Now I see on the calendar this is supposed to be a Thursday through Friday thing.

Is the calendar wrong?
Did I somehow miss it while I was asleep?
Should it be on right now?
Or is it coming soon?

It started Thursday and ended before war yesterday

Lol… If you sleep 24hrs you missed it

Why not just make it permanent.


According to what Jb said would be once a month, from here we will not see until December. It is a progress since I can test the changes I made and if something does not like the other month I fix it.

I slept 8 hours and missed it.
At no point on Thursday did it pop up to tell me it was happening.
FFS, usually the annoying pop up of the day pops up endlessly every time I look at the game, yet the 1 pop-up we&d actually wanna see does not pop up at all…

Through Thu & Fri I had pop-ups about surveys, snowballs, halloween & war but the free mod removal only popped up once just before it evidently finished

Do what your username says.


It was also posted on the event calendar here a day or two before it started.

I am good: at ignoring pop-ups ^_~

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