Free mod removal not really active

Anyone else having this issue?


Same issue here, unequip at your own risk.

Some thoughts were that it may conflict with the anvil event

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Same thing, was going make my own post after wasting over 70k in mod scraps thinking it was a true unequip sale, not a partial one. Thanks scope!!!

Yeah, I noticed this too when replacing mods. It scores out the total, but then charges you the same total anyway, such bull.

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Would have been nice to remove a bunch of silver mods from old toons…

Did you unequip to see if you loose 3500 scrapmod, maybe a visual bug?

Yes, it was actually taking the scrap and not just a visual bug.

I burned through 100k before realizing what the heck was going on.

Nice “Free” Mod Removal Event, Scopely!

Get one thing right, screw up five.

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Now it’s free…smdh :man_shrugging:


“Fix”, “deployed soon”…

Lost mods…gone forever!

“But here’s a 3* weapon and 100k wood to replace the 100k mods you lost due to our incompetence!”

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