Free Mod Removal day?

So, we were to stay tuned to future time stamps for this event. The talk was monthly. Any word on this???


Pretty sure it’s tomorrow… that is if they’re going exactly once a month

It’s on calendar

The last 2 times it was done the day prior to CRW. Last war was AOW, so they must not have deemed it worthy of free mod removal.


You will see it pop up in about 9 hours (4pm pst / 7pm est) :crossed_fingers:

just posted on FB. Free mod removal starting 7pm est today.

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It’s a ghost!!! Though you’d disappeared for good.

Thank you :pray:. Has anyone heard if this was perm going fwd as I sorta put myself in a pickle if they would of decided against this thing that should be free to do anyways it’s like gear should be able to change move test out what works best etc

It’s one time a month :grin:

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This is actually the 2nd time in November. They did 11/1 before last CRW also. :grinning:

Yep super generous of them once a month to allow us to move mods around and try out new toons and formations without having to pay for that privalage. :smirk:

Make mod removal FREE all the time.


Mods are not like weapons, this has been stated many times

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I am alive :ghost:

I have been in Webster* hanging with old friends for a while now and playing casually.

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