Free keys to transfer

I am desperate to switch out of a new game i started in Marlboro to move to play with my pals in another region, but no word on when we can transfer.

However, I also play in monroe and everyone in my faction has been given a free key to transfer out of there next week.

Aside from the comedy value of my faction mates not understanding the point of it or why we have got it or what it does or why it is free, why are scopely apparently so desperate to evict all the French people from a French speaking region?

It normally costs 1,000 coins to buy a key so why have we got one for free? What is wrong with monroe that they want rid of that bit of the game?

Was Monroe open for transfers previously?

Everyone gets the first key free


Yeah it would kind of help if scopely had explained that one properly in the message. Not just « herés a free key ».

Thanks v much

scumply and explained in one sentence… that one killed me, can’t stop laughing :rofl:

just kidding :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

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