Free Human shield

So this is really happening?

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I hope so

he said it, why wouldnt it be true? its a thread on this very forum…

Cant find that thread

Here ya go.

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Of course it’s happening! Since when has Scopely ever gone back on their word? :wink:


Say what you will about Scopely overall (and I likely won’t disagree), but when JB has told us we’re getting something, it usually happens… eventually.

That’s the key word! Some time ago, we were promised legendary gear roadmaps after Albert’s letters. How many of those have you seen?

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Probably gonna be a throw away fodder 5*

And dont forget that briefing after meeting haha offer fiasco



Will be an awesome 4* :joy::joy:

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The only reason we’re getting this is because the payed subscription for leader skill+specialist skill toons is coming.



Nah, with the new Survivors Club it will be a real 6* shield as a feeble attempt to placate F2P/mild spenders.

I am confusion. Is that Human Shield free or just a lure for small fry to become big spenders?

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Read the dev post the toon is free when you get the free trial

Well, yeah, but when the free trial is up, you start paying. I’m not giving out my credit card information, least of all to Scopely.

Yes but you need gear from the exclusive roadmaps to fully level her. I’m willing to bet you wont be able to get enough gear to max her during the free trial.


Just cancel when you get it