"Free Human Sheild"


So when I heard that a free human sheild was comming I was so stoked as seen below

but now that andrea is here and so is the P2W montly offer I was kinda hesitant but still stoked when i sall i could get andrea for free by joining then unsubscribing but then I sall this
So this is where they get everyone they promise us with a free Human sheild, but turns out you NEED to stay subscribed to get the FREE human sheild maxed am I the only one who finds this a little absurd? I’d be fine if she took normal gear because shes a free 6* human sheild but no she is going to be in your roster at teir 1 forever she is literally the new Tara but at least with Tara you could get her gear for free sure it might take like a year but it was free but nope. And dont get me wrong I love this game to death but Scopley is killing this game faster and faster the only people this benefits to is the whales, what has this game become…


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