FREE Gifts. Really?


very true. The thing I cant really comprehend is that the most vocal and peed off about these add ons are people who dont subscribe anyway because they don’t think it’s worth the money/can’t afford it/believe everything should be given to them.


IMHO think scopely is seeing people drop the subscription so trying the incentive route to keep people hooked because andrea is taking for ever to ascend and people are fed up with it.


Complimentary breakfast? That’s free (complimentary literally means free) but you can’t get it if you don’t book the hotel. Is that so wrong?

I don’t support Survivor Club but holy shit…


I signed up today for the bennies but will cancel soon…or not.


Andrea has the highest def stat of all the shields.


Lol she isn’t better then yellow Jesus or manga she goes down super easy and imo is a waste of money but hey if it makes you feel all warm and cozy you spend like the dickens


Change buy to lease and it makes perfect sence


Amazon Prime offers free 2 day shipping as a perk of the paid membership.

Playstation offers free Playstation plus games as a perk of their paid membership.

How is this any different?

This thread is dumb. Subscribe or don’t subscribe. That simple.


I want your car dealer :joy:


So if you get a free car wash at your dealership it isn’t free because your paying for the car?? Weird.


Yes… If You did not buy (for the money) they have a car, and the car wash You would not have received “free”…


You’ve already payed for all these free things lol it’s just a marketing strategy to make costumers happy but all the cost of the “free things” was already included when you paid at first


Doesn’t mean to get free once every week or daily… confused


WTF are you talking about? She’s not even maxed genius.


For the little bit of time she was up when people had her maxed I dulled her a lot to see if she was worth the money … on defense no . Also we have battled a few faction in crw I would assume hackers that had her maxed and she is pretty easy to put down and adds nothing to any team imo


She was realesed already outdated… I’m sure they knew that the g2 was coming. Wait until next Wednesday when I think the g2 shield will be released, Pamela.


You clearly missed the whole point of what I said.



Lol get mad because you spent money on a shield that’s trash bro :joy::joy::joy::man_shrugging:


Not mad at all, just laughing at you talking out of your ass. Jesus shield is trash too I guess based on what you say. Why even have shields with players as OP as you amirite? Just put up one toon defense and surrender to this guy’s mighty team!!!