FREE Gifts. Really?



Free like credit card perks…


technically, they are free as the SC was meant to consist of things that were listed originally. these weren’t, so technically, they are a free add on.

and, to be honest, compared to their other “great deals” for £22.99 a month im getting:

30 premier pulls (yes, I know they dont stack)
double food and wood
easy crafting
10 Bennys
4 Ulysses
5 gold mods
6 Lillith
16 legendary gear

Each of those add ons would probably cost around £10 on their own so it is a much better deal now than when the SC started.
Oh yeah, I will get a guaranteed shield for that with guaranteed gear to max her. Unlike what some are saying she wont be outdated in a few months time.



How can anything be ‘technically’ free if you literally HAVE to pay to gain access to it.

That’s one of the most bizarre comments I’ve ever seen to be honest, fair enough if you think it’s good value for money, but free? No, not even technically.


She is outdated already, only thing she has is absolute defense, crit helps with that, her and lydia and jesus get their heads cut off by alpha all the time lol

Alpha - free
Andrea - $25 a month for a few months

When the new stat shields start coming she will be outdated even more


You sign a contract to buy a car and agree monthly payments of £200. For that price you get the car, a tank full of petrol and a free roadside assistance.

A month after you signed the contract the car dealer contacts you to say that they will send you some floor mats this week for free, give an air freshener next week, week 3 they will service your air con and so on. None of these are things that would have been mentioned in the original contract and dont require additional payments from you.

Not sure how else to explain it to you.


lol Alpha is semi - free, i never got her and many of my teammates havent got her either and we’re not some dead or mid-ranked faction. Ty is free and everyones got him and people still lose against shield teams when using him. Keep using your alpha and I’ll keep using my Andrea.

If you think she’s outdated then that’s your opinion but I cant remember a time in this game when a shield ever got properly outdated - even Lee was still used by those who were not lucky enough to pull other shields.


Alpha is 100% free from 5* tokens wheel, Andrea is 100% need to pay. If they had a disarm then id get it but Andrea i feel is just weak compared to other shields.


She’s not a yellow Jesus but she is close imo

My Andrea is only t2 at the moment and I used her this last AOW on a def team with Jesus, Glenn, Carl and green Shiva. Only had to repair twice and we were in top 10 and matched against top factions most of the time.


ok lets just agree that she’s not as widely available as Ty - lot had him even in the 5s era, he can be bought from depot and he is in the wheel - Alpha meets only the last criteria,


Well you’re gonna need to use another metaphor, nobody here has agreed to buy their account, this is more like renting a car for a month & the supplier saying IF you rent the car next month too will give you a tank of petrol but if you don’t agree to rent again you won’t get the free gifts.


I think you’re trying too hard to try to prove your point.


What about B.O.G.O.F offers in a supermarket? The total cost is the same as one item, but you get a second one as well for no extra cost. The second one is free, even if you have to pay to get it.

Of course, you could see B.O.G.O.F as “buy two, get them both half price”…


The second one you get not “free”, but “gift”… It’s different… And what is written “free” is a publicity stunt, and fundamentally wrong…


Don’t you buy offers from companies which tag on free stuff with something to entice you to buy?


This is trick… Advertising course…


free, dependent on u spending money to get this free item
but it’s free, just that I need to pay 25 bucks a month
buts it’s free

did I mention I got these freebies … for 25 bucks


In scopelys case it would be B.O.G.O. Buy one and have a 0.01% chance to get another free, the other 99.9% chance you may ask? Well if you get that you still pay for everything but the B.O.G.O is reveresed and you lose all items purchased and even have to return them to the shelf yourself :hugs:


They COULD give us nothing extra… Just saying.