Free Gift? Anyone get this?


What is the free gift you get after making this purchase?


Just replace “25 cents” with “A hundred bucks” and replace “Thought” with “Free gift”



The free gift is shame and guilt from the realization that you just paid $100 for gear we should be getting from the gear maps that we were promised in Albert’s letter when ascendance started.

Also refer to “Scopely’s player first attitude”

Also refer to the “kick in the nuts” heard round the world


Let us know after you buy. Trust them they never use gotcha tactics. Always worth it.


What the!!!


Doubt it. Doesn’t matter. Don’t have blue ascension tokens and fodder to ascend another toon.


Someone bite the bullet :gun: … Please :popcorn: :popcorn:


No one should. Cause these tactics. Should not be encouraged.


Think someone did that and they got the 5* blue Glenn and 3* riot gun as gift yws u heard me 5*" blue glenn so yeah rip being Unique 5* however that only applies if you buy 99.99


Who? Blue Glenn? You mean Spencer?


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Congratulations, you are now a 1% flagged as a spender. If you fail to do an upkeep of $200 monthly you qill be permanently relegated to the Abyss of Bad RNG and nwver see another good pull in your time.



The most important take away is not the free gift - it’s why this launched with the wood chips collections.

In a way, Scopely is justifying that each GPS/canteen has a value of about US$35 (going to consider extra value of bonus as null/incentive) so that it drives spending for events with the subconscious messaging of “each GPS/canteen pull is worth about US$35 = 4500 wood chips = I am OK to spend up to that amount” - which, for Vincent = 12000 = almost 3 pulls = about US$100 = cost of Jeremiah offer over Christmas, so pretty consistent.

Note that this is a steep drop from where we were with the recent GPS/canteen stash where you had to spend 36,000 coins to pull the pair. Meaning, this was the fastest & steepest digital asset evaluation drop ever: from 18,000coins each = about US$200 (since there are bonus items that comes with from stash) to US$35 over a few weeks - faster than 5s that went from US$300 to US$100 (ascension) to less than US$11 (NINE 5 = ONE 6* = US$100) over a few months.


You know another funny thing:
In the German translation, the description was filled with a dummy text. NO WORDS OF A FREE GIFT…

I feel lucky :wink:


Was Andrea the free gift?


ouch…sorry :cry:


Based on recent offer pricing, that T4 crate is about US$10 so I mean you got 10% more value?

Better than the current gear stash - US$100 for 5 CHANCES to pull a gps/canteen - that comes with a bunch of other random crates like T4/T3 gear etc. You can bet 100% that the pull rate for gps/canteen would be less than half - like most Scopely loot-boxes.

Speaking of which, how can loot-boxes still be a thing?! Where’s the chance % disclosure?!