Free choice boxes bug handled poorly

Hello, @JB.Scopely
Taking my time to inform you that the compensation never took place, thanks.


Same. It’s been a week since I should have received my compensation


At this point it’s not even worth making a ticket for.

Contact support again. I did yesterday, and they added it to my inventory.

I contacted them again this Moring. Didn’t got an Answer yet

I am not going to waste my time on creating a ticket per day. But thanks for caring, friend.

We shouldn’t have to fight with support over numerous messages for a couple of choice boxes. We earned those boxes, it’s not our fault they were glitched and I don’t understand why it’s so hard for Scopely to just credit the correct items.

They prove time and again that they couldn’t care less about the customer experience.


Sorry but its pretty obvious JB, GR, TayTron and whoever the hell else you want to @ on this board just don’t give a shit

Support finally put the choice box in my inventory 10 days after the problem happened and multiple days after other people already received the compensation that they didnt even know was coming


Put 2 tickets in and kept getting a response that I’d receive my compensation within 24hrs and apologises… this has been forgotten by them so thanks for bringing it up, I’d like my compensation as well.

I finally got a box from support with 30 collectables… the one that was bugged was for 130

They did it (too late)

It took me a week and a half ish to get my comp, this included 3-4 messages to support.

I sent three messages it was added manually yesterday

Yep, same took over a week after much tooing and throwing, to finally be told they just put it in my inventory… thing is I know if this is truthful or not as I have other unopened choice boxes so it could have been BS.

Surely the CRM that they use records customer data so they can see what items customers receive… if they recieved that data box, just compensate the customer accordingly.

Poor data management and customer services

It’s added at the end, so it should be a rather straightforward check.

If you’re keeping them unopened, which is definitely the better strategy, I’d recommend keeping a spreadsheet. It’s a pain to setup and keep updated, but better than losing track, as it will help you make the right play.

Wtf?! Sick of these guys giving me the runaround. It shouldn’t be this hard. I watch videos daily if that was going “flush out” other rewards it would have happened already.


Lmaoooooo that had me dead. Looool a company asking you to watch their ads to flush out glitched rewards?! Wuh?! Is it like a broken transistor which you punch hoping it’d work!!?

And Jumbo TV :joy::joy::joy::joy::skull:
Saving that pic.

Wow thats rich

Nah, not gonna keep a spreadsheet for a game. Should feel I can trust the company enough to fulfill what they said so the game doesn’t feel like a chore or job

It’s not so much to keep track of Scopely, it’s to keep track of what you have. I just collected them and never opened any (because it’s clearly the right play), which meant I had no idea how many collectibles I had. I finally broke down about two weeks ago and started tracking them, and it has improved my play a lot. For example, it showed me I had more than enough to get 5* Priya, so I could cash in on the cake collection for over a thousand free collectibles, and essentially also turn old choice boxes with two options into one with five options.