Free Choice Box

Sorry for inconvenience? What was the inconvenience? I’m not complaining, just curious.

Stupid choice box being broke debacle I’m sure


Still waiting for mine after three days of Support messaging.


Yup me too…

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One of my fac mates got two. Ahem.

And if I play in more than one region and choice boxes are broken across them all, I’ll be getting one in each region, right?

I must be in a better bucket…

There were two different glitched choice boxes, so there were 2 different comp rewards sent out.


Not minding in the slightest since I had no glitched boxes. :grinning:

My shop empty :thinking: like my bucket

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idk but i’m thankful. only t- 100 days for pete now

Is this for everyone? Cause I did not receive it as yet

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had glitched box got nothing

I think it is but I haven’t gotten it either

I had no issue with crates, this is a blanket comp, yes?

I got the glitched box from roadmaps. Sent support a message, they sent one back about the blessings wheel. I gave up.

That’s sucks buddy!

depends on what bucket you are in.

Can you give more details? Which roadmap? What glitched boxes?

Is this for everyone?

I have no clue, was there when I got on the game earlier.
I was wondering what it was for since I had no issues with me crates from michonne wheel or roadmaps.