Free cake and candles offer


I stopped getting candles at 3950 so that i get the red shield garrett, now that i open the free cakes in the offers and it gave m candles as well made me inilegable for the 5* shield garrett, i didnt participate in previous events so that i dont get candles .

I want those candles removed from my inventory or a fix to this problem




Your call to do as you please but just intrigued as to why you wouldn’t want the Ascendable Garrett even if you did already have him? 5* toons are literally worthless now.


He is a collectable for me, i have always wanted a red shield even if they are not viable anymore

Also the new ascendable garrett sucks


I have to admit i want the red shield version also always wanted him and in the past did many pulls for him and had zero luck. Also the fact that he may be turned into a very powerful 6* shield in the future kind of makes sense also.


Why on Earth would you get so close to 4000 if you didn’t want to hit 4000.

Sorry if this is genuine, but it sounds like finding a reason to complain for the sake of it to me.


I stopped at 3950 and i wasnt paritcipating in any events so that i dont get any candles , how could i possibly know that the free cakes thing have candles ? I stopped even though i missed alot of good milestone rewards knowing full well i want a specific toon wnd it was a trade off i was willing to make


Cool, you got a screenshot of exactly 4000?


For some reason I assumed it was the blue shield Garrett, oh well.


You get 50 of each candle so an excess of 150 not just 50 here is an SS of Thr amount i have


Wow, you really did fuck up didn’t you, sorry man.


If you clicked on the offer it shows you exactly what your going to get, you just saw free and clicked it so fast you didn’t notice the candles


I got 3 red hs garretts from the rts wheel


how can you tell if its the alert or tough shield Garrett?


Why would some1 stop collecting just for obsolete 5* shield makes no senses


I have 2 michonne and 4 lees I uses 0 of them


I was wondering the same thing, you can’t - scopely hasn’t indicated if it is the red or blue shield Garrett


There not going to do exist 5* shield into a 6* same with revive they make way to much money off them anybody that’s been playing long enough has atleast 1 lee and michonne. Alot of red garret very old toon


Plus the 5* revives Abe, Herschel same thing


Perhaps look at the offer before grabbing the free stuff?

I see candles clearly displayed. Gotta put your complaint in the same category as those that get upset over reflect damage stages on SR killing their toons. Look before you leap.