Free at last enjoy 7 stars

This trap is so obvious that even the most foolish and greedy mouse should be able to avoid it and live free. I’m gone Scaaamllleeeeey never learns from thier mistakes. Priya was op let’s make 6 stars! Some 6 stars kinda op again? Let’s make 6.5 stars! Zach Doc Raven and so on 6.5 stars op again, let’s make 7 stars that counter maim meta with cleanse all maim 20 times :smiley: Have fun setting psychological traps for people and milking them of everything while it lasts.


Unless they change the graphics and pump out ascendables legacy faster This right here is just being lazy.
Let’s just add a Big S and increased stats hur hur ya ya people will fall for it.


That unless statement shouldve happened 11 months ago

It aint happening

They were too lazy to edit everything so that 7 stars would fit, so they just slammed a big “S” stamp on it and sent it out.


Everyone saw this coming. It was just one op toon after another. Unbeliavble.


Lol this isn’t a 7 star. When 6 star were released they had about twice the stats of a 5 star. This s class has a bit more stats and a better lead skill


High roller serotonin, ftw!!!

Oh wait a few weeks till tje next “s-class” comes out lol and then 2 weeks after that an even more powerful one, then 2 weeks after that, so on and so on, the milk train goes at full speed!

Might as well be. Giving it a different name doesn’t change what it is. It’s still a toon with literally everything stronger than a normal 6 star.

They know calling them 7 stars will completely kill the players off even the spenders tht are still balling hard getting every promo.

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And again you are wrong, mate (quite a streak today).
When 6* came out, they were slightly better (in terms of stats) compared to 5*. Scopely came out of nowhere and buffed the existing 6* after a bit - to the big surprise of the community.

My guess is that happened because of the low acceptance, the early 6* were too slow and not strong to enough to go up against the current 5* meta. Especially since you couldn’t even really max them early on.


Ah, the pre-buff 6*, I remember those days, my old Armoured Shiva/Yellow Victor/SR Zeke/Yellow AOE Sandy/Ellen attack team used to wreck still - Victor’s rush reduced their defence to a poorly levelled 4*, then Sandy tore them up with Zeke’s boost…then along came the stat buff, right before a war. What is this weekend right before? TOC first event…

30% higher stats than gen 1. And no, when 6 stars were first released, they had about a 65% edge over 5 stars. Then they were buffed after a few months for no good reason.

Regardless, this kind of power creep kills gameplay.

Lol but there has to be progress…

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