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Can we get an event like this, similar to mod swap, that can be a one time event? Make it so that it doesn’t cost any medals to ascend any toons we want but keep the 8 characters needed to ascend the toons.

This would give players a chance to ascend any toons they have never bothered ascending due to low medals (hello Leon, Stephanie, Sergio and countless others) while also allowing players to clean up their rosters and get rid of all these extra five stars that don’t mean anything.


This is a really cool idea, even though we all know it will never happen cause of their greed


To be honest. I ascended Sergio :sweat_smile:, but I also have many others like Bryan, 2 Addional Jacksons and more so great Idea

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i think that medals shouldnt be needed to be honest. the 8 toons yes but medals no as we are not given anywhere near enough to cover what we need to ascend. especially as where they used to be rewarded in events is now replaced with the multitude of different collection items we need to run other maps etc

And these ascend 5 toons missions need to stop, imi scraping enough silver medals together to ascend 1 toon let alone 5 i dont even wanna use.

this would be awesome

Bryan is fun on roadmaps not sure why you didn’t ascend him

Really good idea.

Or it could work like ascend for free. (You just need ascendance metals and legendary metals)

Not needing Medals is the point of the Idea…

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Silver medals aren’t the issue as they drop at a rate high enough to keep up. Gold medals are ridiculous on the drop rate, however. I am sitting at 4 million silver and 2,000 gold.

The other potential is to start running events where these medals drop in REASONABLE amounts?

What’s the explanation and back Story of Ascension?Are people mangled in a meat grinder to become Protein drinks?
Or do we need these level 1 5 stars with no exp to learn from them?

or free s class toons every week ??

Maybe an event where you don’t use 5* but still the medals as I am running low of dupe 5* to use

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I get so many from basic tokens now. They drop pretty frequently there.

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