Free ascendance day per month

It would be nice if they could make it lime it is with mods.


That’s a really good idea. One free ascendance opportunity per month…


I’m sure they could flavour it if they wanted but I’m not sure that would help.

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I believe the cost of ascendance wouldn’t make any sense anymore. People would be waiting for a month to ascend 10 toons at once since fodders are not a problem. Only people who pulled a 5* promo wouldn’t wait for the free day

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yes, free zac every month please

Then don’t make it a free day. Just make it a single free ascension.

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Maybe give one free 5* to 6* ascension, and 2 free 4* to 5* ascensions every 2 or 4 weeks. I would love this, personally.

If the author meant a single ascension then I misunderstood them, my bad. Then the idea would be pretty cool

If they release legacy Ascendables at the rate they do now, then it won’t matter. I have too many ascendable medals and fodder 5s because the trickle is so slow.

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