Free 6* Slater in shop?

Did anyone else get a Free 6* Slater and do you know what it’s for?? I just happened to be scrolling through the store and found a Free 6* Slater under the " Offers" tab.

sorry I didn’t get SS of the offer itself I was overly excited and I didn’t think about it until I had already claimed it.

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Yup. Got him too. He’s the only one I want from the war wheel. Now I have him for free. :blush::blush:

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Got him popped up on my main screen top right corner.

No idea why but it’s nice I’ll take it

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Independence day, I guess

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It’s July 4, which is Independence Day here in the U.S.

It a 4th of July gift.

One of the best free gift so far…