Free 5 star rick for skybound insiders



But they said skybound insiders. I get it, you’re right. They best response when being cheated is to do nothing. No point in holding anyone accountable. Best to just take the L and move on. :v:


I’m thinking that’s what it really is in my og region I seen I think 0 but my other region that started in may I seen some of him


There never accountable for there mistakes it turns into ignoring people


Yep, best to just accept it, keep spending and chat shit to those trying to stand up. You sir, are a treasure. Your friends and family are blessed. :bowing_woman:




Still waiting


Was expecting to get the “oh it was already sent out, and if you didn’t get it, you didn’t qualify” answer :smile:

Worst tech support ever!!! This is the same answer I get when I ask any question. Like what’s the point of paying them if all they do is defer you to the forum.


Even if it was just for new accounts some even got two of him. No thanks, I still want mine.


cough, oops did i bring this topic back to notice? @JB.Scopely


Yeah still need mine haven’t got him yet


Still nothing, despite being an insider for two years now.


@JB.Scopely tells us to ask support, support tells us to come here .


lol 10/10 on communication


Rick Skybound Edition is being sent by ongoing batches to players’ inboxes, as I already commented on this thread.

The cause of the additional delay experienced by some, is that we first need to sync with our friends over at Skybound to have the Insider status verified, before we can issue the character.

Thanks again for your patience :slight_smile:

Skybound insider Rick?

There’s already a thread on that. If he hasn’t responded to the main thread, he’s not gonna respond to a separate comment about the same issue


Yea I made the thread. Also Idc, but ily


Hasn’t it been like a month? Seems kinda ridiculous how long it takes to give people a 5* toon.


I looked and didnt see a comment from you on the thread? Also it takes over a month to sync with skybound?? no wonder territories are not fixed that explains alot. How TF you guys complete anything is beyond me.


Pretty sure the 16th anniversary is gonna pass before I get my 15th anniversary rewards.


JB failed to mention the ‘ongoing batches’ consist of 0 players each. :rofl::joy: