Free 5 star rick for skybound insiders



No Rick
No idea if we’ll all get him.
No clue what to do if you’re already linked to them (cuz of that 3* Ty).


Dont worry guys, batch are coming soon and he will be delivered, along with a decent token offer for 3 years wheel …


Still… Waiting…


I am also still waiting.


Not sure why every1 is going crazy over a 5* I’ll throw you 50 of my that I don’t uses. At that lets say he does become a Legacy you all will be waiting 2 to 3 years for that by than there will be 7*


It’s simply for nostalgia. That’s all :joy:


Its the principle of the matter. stop being a grumpy twat. I mean that in the nicest of ways


Still not got mine :slightly_frowning_face:


At this point I can expect my 15th anniversary 5 star Rick to be given out when TWD hits its 20th anniversary.


Pretty much thinking he’s subscription only at this point. Sounds legit :+1: :roll_eyes:



Its Epic-ish
Epic but not really “Epic”

Nice work that language ^o^



(7 char)


I have over 200 5* a other 1 on the scrap heap does me no good is the thing I’m saying I’m not going to level him and dealt weapon is nothing special


My apologies. If he serves you no purpose, no one should be conerned about getting him. The false promise of getting him is in no way the issue here. I am truly sorry for disturbing you.


I’m not shocked at all most won’t get him. The usually scopley trademark. Hopefully at the least new players get him to start off would be a real good toon


It doesn’t bother you that another promise was made and broken with no explanation or effort to correct? Or it doesn’t bother you because it doesn’t negatively effect you?


I’m used to scopley screw ups that they don’t fix. That’s been story of game for long time.


And you’re ok with that?


I’m not but not going to waste to going thru support there generic answers followed with keep surviving that really makes me even more mad


Or the least they could have said only new players get him to end all controversy on this