Free 5 star rick for skybound insiders



Same for me, i’m insiders since 3 years, and i didn’t receive my 5* rick…


Same for me…


It’s funny that anyone thinks that Scopes could do this correctly. :man_shrugging::roll_eyes:

Just send him to everyone regardless. Other than a trophy, he serves no purpose.


Still waiting…


Not yet released. Thats the comment I got from cussupport agent.
If its not yet released. Then why/how do people have him already.
Anniversary isnt a month long celebration where I come from. HTFU an gimme ma dam rick!


They sent me 2 of them :grimacing::grimacing::grimacing:


Got mine 2 days after becoming an insider.


I was already a member I’ve asked @JB.Scopely already how it works when your already a member unfortunately no answer yet :frowning:


Still didnt receive mine aswell :confused:


Still haven’t gotten mine. I just want him for nostalgia hahahh


Still ain’t got mine either. Crazy. I hope they ain’t sent him to my OG region.


No rick yet JB when will this be addressed or will this be another ohh its over sorry not sorry we cant give you shit.


They ignore issues where real money was exchanged (OfferGate). If you think they care a whit about this, I have a shiny bridge in Brooklyn available for the nominal price :+1:


That’s what I’m worried about hahaha


If he is never going to be ascend I can care less if I get him I have way to many 5* as is. If I get to pick region that’s different I’ll send him to 3rd region I never play in


Could someone tell me please how to get that 5 star rick. Step by step. Thanks in advance.


Still no Rick.
Will everyone get him or nah? (I got my 3* Ty 3y ago so I am linked to them.)


I don’t get why it wasn’t a batch release, why the trickle effect?


Had to search through my roster and finally got him today. Did think it would be in my inbox to say so though.


I don’t think they know why either.