Free 5 star rick for skybound insiders



Still waiting :expressionless:


Still waiting


Just wondering why anyone wants a useless 5*? Other than on principle we were promised the toon.


News flash: not every 5 star is useless. On top of that, some people like to collect toons. This Rick in particular is special for a number of reasons, mainly because he’s a 15th anniversary toon and some people, myself included, would like to have another memento of the 15h anniversary for TWD.


Sadly sitting tight and waiting didnt work out so well for the buy 3 bags and get a special with a weapon in it…


Uh oh, you’re going to trigger the “No 5* are useful for anything” crowd. :joy:

In terms of usefulness in the game, he serves no purpose. For collecting, fine, many do that.

Maybe Scopely could not make everything so contorted at just grant him to all without any qualification. You know, like the 12 Special Limited Time offers I get every single day.


On principle. We can, and should, hold them accountable to deliver what they say they will deliver. @JB.Scopely still no Rick here, I’ve been an insider for a couple years.


It’s a very long list of bait and switches they’ve created. It’s almost like the team that is responsible for dreaming up rewards doesn’t communicate with the team that codes them in. Kalishane was clear in the past (over the various gates) they view giving out extra things as inventory leakage; or a lost possible sale.

Then you have the two camps of player: one, like you, who remembers, is articulate, and pushes but ignored for the “I can’t keep all my purchases straight” camp. It’s also pretty easy to see who they cater to right down to game design

It’s kind of frustrating to be a part of.


Now he won’t even respond to you, Lady Geek. It’s beginning to feel like we’ve been abandoned by Scopely on these forums. :frowning:


He is busy trying to defend and deflect from the promo over the weekend that stated you would get a special bag offer with a weapon and yr3 tokens if you bought the previous 3 bags. Of which he stated only 400 out of 1500 originally got… So the free rick is last on his list of deflects.


No rick for me either. Been an insider for 3 years. I did go to the website and get 2 free comics tho. Guess I was loyal enough


They cannot even properly compensate folks who paid real money for an offer that was clear as could be. They are beyond hopeless. But given the endless train of Lydia I see in YawnSlaught, folks can’t throw money at them fast enough. It’s bizarre. If Rick shows up fine, if not, it’s just more fail, quickly forgotten when the next one occurs.


Still nothing.


Same boat here… No rick. I at this point guess it another Scopely mess up or lie. Which ever way you want to call it. I am waiting fo rJB to come back in and say message support again!


Still all quiet on Joe’s front.
I don’t even want the level up fodder any more, I just want to feel special. Please. :disappointed_relieved:


Gimmmeee rickkkk


two friends from rick have


So basically, though most of us, like myself, are Insiders, we’re not receiving the 5* Rick. That seems to be the gist of this thread so far. I’ve been looking for him for about 2 weeks now and never could find a way to get him. They had a new 5* Anniversary Rick available to purchase through coins and chance but that had nothing to do with being a Skybound Insider.


Make sure ur skybound insider is linked to the same fb account as the one the game is linked to on the device when u signed up.


I’m not dedicated enough to get him apparently