Free 5 star rick for skybound insiders



So, strong-arming support actually works? Hmmm, perhaps I should try my hand…


Sent in my request to support. Hopefully will hear some good news for Christmas.
Until then, I’ll let Sum 41 take it away-


When the sun rises in the west and sets in the east


Woke up this morning to see Rick is in my Roster. Had messaged support yesterday, but they haven’t replied yet.


Messaged support yesterday and within a few hours they messaged me back and he was already in my roster


I’m stunned right now. I messaged support last night asking what was up with Rick and when I logged in I had this in my inbox

I’m floored, in a good way lol.
Thanks Joe :+1:


Yeah it seems if you want that Rick you have to go through support to get him.


Finally got him after contacting support again.


Support is the only way. Happy I finally was “Insider” enougth :smirk:


Still no Rick. I’ll contact support. :roll_eyes:


took me 5 min with support…send screen shot of skybound insider status


Got mine through support aswell.

However, they said they were going to send everyone their Rick. They arent even trying anymore.


Lol. Guess ill go to support as well.


Still no Rick.


I legit just contacted support and the next day I had it


I just wonder if I now link up to facebook will I get 3* Tye + 4* and 5* Rick ???


They gave him to me within an hour or 2 when I mentioned it


I never got mine


They should make him ascendable…


Never got mine either