Free 5 star rick for skybound insiders



Sent message to Scopely using the exact format that TheSurvivor posted above and got it about 10 hours after sending the message.


Did the same, used @TheSurvivor template, my “Premium” Rick arrived in a few hours.:+1:

Why they can’t just sweep the entire player base and grant him to all is silly. It’s more work doing this one at a time :man_shrugging:


I’m curious if they abandoned the “ongoing” distribution. Support suddenly successfully granting him after requests in this past week (surely not for everyone though) seems like something changed.


I tried it couldn’t hurt to try.


So I messaged support got the same response as above

boom finally Rick had come over to have a beer and tell the meaning of life?


I can now have my name removed from the list of didn’t get him. Support actually supported me I think I’m going to cry :wink:


So, strong-arming support actually works? Hmmm, perhaps I should try my hand…


Sent in my request to support. Hopefully will hear some good news for Christmas.
Until then, I’ll let Sum 41 take it away-


When the sun rises in the west and sets in the east


Woke up this morning to see Rick is in my Roster. Had messaged support yesterday, but they haven’t replied yet.


Messaged support yesterday and within a few hours they messaged me back and he was already in my roster


I’m stunned right now. I messaged support last night asking what was up with Rick and when I logged in I had this in my inbox

I’m floored, in a good way lol.
Thanks Joe :+1:


Yeah it seems if you want that Rick you have to go through support to get him.


Finally got him after contacting support again.


Support is the only way. Happy I finally was “Insider” enougth :smirk: