Free 5 star rick for skybound insiders



rick?!?..where you at lil feller! i got some cheese doodles for ya!


Where is ma Rick? I need him to spank that FA boss Negan. :-S


I messaged support about it for the first time in months. They were surprisingly helpful.


Like it says I doubt they will do that for everyone


My suspension is up, I’m back, and I still don’t have my Rick.
Great job Scopes, 10/10


Would be nice to see it in my roster or inbox but I’m not going to hold my breath lol


Still don’t have my rick if you want my details my name is hunter and I’m in Albert region my profile pic is hunter I am nearly level 126


Looks like they tried to send you yours but accidentally added it to my roster…


I’ve talked with support several times since this promo came up. The recent attempt was, to my surprise, successful.

Use this exact wording if you want. Just mention your region. I left that out and had to send a follow up message that took an extra day.


Still no Rik.


Still no rick either :frowning: again I just want him for collector purposes


Still waiting


Me too! I am waiting and waiting and waiting…


The day has come my friends. I finally got my Rick




Finally got mine too! I’ve been an insider since the start, and only wanted Rick for the sake of a free toon hahaa


:see_no_evil::hear_no_evil::speak_no_evil: no Rick’s figured I’d at least have the 4* long ago and the 5* after waiting this long


ty for your feedback
we will take it back to the team


Got my Rick this morning after contacting support


No rick for me still.