Free 5 star rick for skybound insiders



Been about 2 months now… but they can fix andrea in minutes… SMH


they need to spread him out over 2 to 3 years, hes a game changing char so need to manage it slow, first the whales then the rest of us


i feell support feed you a copy/paste answer, instead of paying someone to go look player by player giving him out, you would think at this point its just a 5star, we all saw how fast they fix’d andrea on almost every account that had her and gave all those accounts trainers/food make up for there mistake. it would take them no time at all to just give the rick to everyone that currently doesnt have him and call it a day.

waiting for skybound rick is like waiting on a new legacy ascendance character that has decap or disarm, keep on surviving

(ps. still waiting)


Still waiting


idk i still haven’t gotten mine @JB.Scopely


Still waiting too


Bump bump keep hope alive


One day all of us that became skybound insider’s so long ago will get the elusive Rick we were promised. One day…


Hm… poll time! Have you recieved your Skybound Rick that was promised to Skybound insiders yet?

  • Yes, Rick is finally mine!
  • No, I’ve been waiting for eternity and still don’t have him.
  • Who cares? Just another worthless 5* I don’t want.

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Still waiting.


Wow…95% are saying they haven’t got it


People who got him aren’t following this thread


I’m sure they are not lol. They got theirs. I’m just making sure the thread doesn’t get buried.


People who don’t play the game still follow the forum. So I’m not betting anything there.


Scopely isn’t following the thread either… It also seem they are not following through with what they have said they would do.


Your point? You can still see just how many people DIDN’T get Rick yet. When Skybound Tyreese was released some time ago, people received him instantly. Why isn’t that the case with Rick?


I replied to the comment that the poll was 95% didn’t get him and 5% did. That’s because the people who got him are not following this thread, and therefore are not voting. It’s an explanation for the poll results and nothing more.


Fair enough. Though 90% of players don’t follow the forums :wink:



Speak for the people that have no voice(no account on the forums) they need a hero!

Even thou they very likely don’t care about a rick.


i know its a 5* but i want him as hes a collectable!gimme it! support says to come to the forum! @JB.Scopely where you at