Free 5 star rick for skybound insiders



Funniest thread ever. Just don’t hold your breath, guys


Not holding my breath, but i want to hold Scopley to their word. I at this point do not believe it will happen. I think it is shameful that they cannot follow through with what they promise. They cannot follow through with something this simple yet they want us to give them 25 a month for a subscription. GTFO with that nonsense.


If they had any sense at all they would just give him to everyone now. Forget about Skybound. How does it affect Scopely to give everyone a toon that will collect dust. Not game changing in the least and and at least it would make them look like less of a disorganized mess than they normally do.

I personally do not care if they give me him or not but it’s beyond a joke how pitiful this is. It’s been 2 months and most people never got him. I would be embarrassed if I worked at Scopely.


Where’s Rick?



Still waiting…


Got mine, wasn’t awarded through inbox but randomly inserted to my roster.


Wow…still nothing


No rick still this is an absolute joke!


Never got him either.


Yup still waiting. Typical


Is it a rate of 1 per day or…?


Still waiting also.
Maybe scopely blew all the money they raised through funding this year and need to do another??


At this point…I’m not expecting it


Still waiting here as well wtf. Gimme my rick!!


This thread will eventually get lost in the shuffle


The ongoing Rick batches must be cold by now.
Still nothing, not even a word.
Y’all at Scoply should get coal for presents & dinner.


I sent scopely a message with many of your names on even people I think are poopy heads. Basically explained that they should give you all the rick. I went into detail but to much to write here. They sent a message back to me saying that the skybound rick was still being out and they would try and prioritise you guys but they said wasn’t guranteed. They also said they are still handing him out player by player trying to honour what they said gotta give email credit where it’s due.


Day 25. I’ve resorted to making my 4* Rick the 5* Rick.




Thanks for the effort.
Will keep you updated, even if you did not mention me in your mail :slight_smile: