Free 5 star rick for skybound insiders



Rick please to the inbox


Kind of weird this sky bound rick thing. I got Rick on my main account and my other newer accounts pretty much straight away.


I am waiting until I don’t know when
Because I’m sure it’s going to happen then
Time keeps creeping through the neighborhood
Killing old folks, waking up babies just like we knew it would


I’m still waiting also




Haven’t seen him either.


I had gotten a 4* Rick on my main account and a 5* Rick on my baby account. Am I supposed to ascend the 4* to make the 5*? I really don’t feel like wasting all those resources, just to see if that’s what they want me to do


Still haven’t got my 5 star Rick. Did get a 4 star one weeks before…


Checked with some of my faction mates and they haven’t gotten him either


Still don’t have mine


And I’ve been waitin’ here
Feels like a million years
And I’m a photograph that you forgot you took
But I remember spring
I remember everything
Oh, I guess that’s the way it goes


scopley I need that rick I don’t have rick at all I need one now!


Still waiting…


I see some people have been getting this Rick but I’m a Skybound Insider and still haven’t gotten it. Any update on when everyone else will get theirs?


Absolute shambles of a company, honest to god.


…no rick yet…


Not yet…



Still waiting :confused:


Funniest thread ever. Just don’t hold your breath, guys