Free 5 star rick for skybound insiders



And Onslaught :joy:




We all are… It.must be so hard to give players the things that you have promised them.


I’m still waiting too


At this point just give him to everyone. I won’t feel as special but at least I’ll get him!


cant believe why everybody just dragging this useless 5* rick thread from weeks


Because principles?


You serious or just trolling


Where art thou rick?


Did people get this character after mine never appeared not really bother since he be only sold to supply depo

Keep on surviving :+1:t2:


It’s my Rick and I need him now!


I seen a couple in my region of late




So am I ever going to get it? Been a insider from the start and have yet to receive him. Or am I sol and been scopely’d?


‘Ongoing batches’ :roll_eyes:

Of this, we are certain :man_shrugging::joy:


Finally got mine


Still waiting here on my og account, as a test started a new account and linked to skybound - Rick turned up within a day…


so looks like old players 2-3years old, you got 3star tyreese, new players get 5star rick, keep on surviving as i doubt we ever see it :stuck_out_tongue:


Mine randomly showed up in my roster?


F’ing ridiculous! Come on scopely do the right thing and send him.