Free 5 star rick for skybound insiders



The year is 2025. Still waiting for insider Rick.


Seriously WTF


Skybound rick? I know no skybound rick. He does not exist.


Funny. I got skybound tyreese IMMEDIATELY…3 years ago.


Every night I check my inbox and every night I cry myself to sleep.


Any word on this JB? I too got Tyreese years ago and I haven’t received Rick.


Too bad they couldn’t roll this out as fast as they “fixed” Andrea-gate.




Still waiting for mine


Doesn’t take this long, especially given the fact they can reset every bodies toon cough

Still waiting…


Still nothing and I honestly don’t believe any are being sent. It’s been too long.
They ignore & move on, it’s the scoply way for these past 3y.


I know of two people from a region getting him. You would figure that if they we’re handing him out that it would have happened in the entire region… Nothing like making skybound look bad Scopely…


Still waiting :thinking::thinking:


Ready to bet my coins that we wont get this Rick ever.
The batch excuse is prolly a lame excuse to keep most of us calm and quiet.
Tbh this is not really a big deal because this toon wont become a decent 6* so nobody will ever care.
But this is typical scopes ways : “keep calm and go on sp.ending” and a year or two later, still nothing … scope all over the place …

Anyway it would be nice to have someone finally taking measures to prove there are employees at scopes office that value well done work. This Rick thing is one tiny problem into the ocean of crappy problems we’ve been thru but its so easy to sort it out that I thought someone would do it !


Though it’s pretty shitty and unethical to promise something to your player base, then decide not to bother sending said items out. But hey ho it is Scopely after all. Heh and I thought EA were bad lol


This thread still going… If you didnt get it by now youre not getting it ever but lets keep this thread alive! WHERE IS MY RICK?!


That’s the spirit!

Anybody seen Rick???


I found him! VagueTanDunnart-small


Ugh so he’s away dancing instead of appearing in our Rosters. Ugh :joy:


I love how he says i already commented on this thread (he never did) saying that it was goin out in batches. Damn there must be a lot batches there. We are coming up on 2 months JB, it took 2 hrs to andrea, less than 24 to nerf Pam. Victor took about 20 mins. How TF you expect us to believe this shit is beyond me. Oh must be the same people behind making the legacy ascendables.