Free 4* negan new threat


Is he going to be needed to obtain 5* new threat negan?


In those vk leaks he was “A new Threat”, but the live version of him has been changed to “Road to Survival #5” so maybe they replaced him with Dwight as the museum collection toon.


@kalishane can you share info with us about this event please,

how is this negan related to the event, some people sell or use as ascendence fodder,

how do we get to obtain dwight from museum,

how do we get rest of the parts for the weapon,

these are all question marks atm, i suggest people not to take any actions that might hurt their event outcome for now.


I got him inn Bibb, but didn’t get him in Dade. Is that supposed to be that way? Just like prestige Michonne? One region only?


I would love it if Scopely put out disinformation to confuse the VK hackers and then change things at the last minute that they already had planned to thwart VKs ability to deliver information before we see/hear it from Scopely. Throw VK off their game and make them wrong over and over again. Their might be a mole within the company that runs the VK page and pocketing money on the side and screwing the company. I would just hold onto the 4* Negan, don’t be in any hurry to get rid of him. Level him fully and try him out on one of your teams and see how you like him. There is no need to be in any hurry to get rid of him.


I locked him to be safe. I have made mistakes in the past …


I wonder if he will be a collection to trade in for the 5* ascendbale one


With the weapon exchanges with it being limited to 4, does this mean we will get one of each? Or just pick of the draw 4 times?


This is your answer.


I was just surprised that Scopely gave us a free 4* toon. Thanks and I’m keeping him.


#Freegan :sunglasses:


No free toon here… someone post a screen shot of this Negan?


Check your offers tab



at 10:24 am (2 minutes ago) when I finished a level of the 0 energy roadmap it popped up as an offer… how effing weird… I think Scopely is watching us all… lol


That would be hilarious. Have them show a fully tiered 6* toon as a war prize on VK but when the war comes its 4 Ulysses. probably too much work just to troll them tho LOL


I wouldn’t sell him. He’s a unique unit and a heal reduction character. Even if he’s not useful on the battlefield, he’s a fun trophy unit to have.


I thought as much. Would have been nice though! Ta :blush:


The only problem with disinformation is that it would make us, the players, the real victims here. If leaks show one thing and at the last minute Scopely changes it, then that would make possible preparations for events/toons voided. No way do I support VK with selling hacks and stuff, but I think they did not fail to do their job to show leaks of possible events/toons.

Edit: Unless Scopely themselves show what toons/events look like before they come out, we will still remain the victims of disinformation


Hi DreamWalker! Great questions.

Negan is a free giveaway. He’s our first 4* planned giveaway.
Dwight and Rifle parts should be detailed in the blog. I can dig more if that would help.

“There will also be a roadmap opening up every Thursday that will reward different parts for Act completion that can be used for two very exclusive museum collections happening at different times during Kirkman Present: A New Threat. During the first part, various rifle parts can be collected to help redeem the new 4-Star Dwight’s ‘A New Threat’ Rifle. Later during the event, a similar roadmap will appear on Thursdays to payout collectibles needed to redeem ascendable Epic Dwight ‘A New Threat’ from the museum. A new act for these roadmaps will open every 48 hours, so make sure to login in regularly to collect your parts.”