Free 4* Lori as Present


I just got a Yellow 4* Lori as a present. I’m thankful for that, even
if I will use her for ascendance (I defenitly keep her in my Second Region).
I would like to know if this has somethink to do with, the planned Pool Updates,
the March Login Event or somethink diffrent. And if this planned to continue…
Please give out a Free 4* Allen, Please.


I still have the other one from last Spring so this one will just be used as fodder for 5* ascendance


Me too. But I will use her for Ascendance, I guess.

Used this to try again for a Gator and noooooooooooooooooooooooooooope another 5* Sophia. Fuck!

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Wow… now it’s a “me too” story ? I guess Scopely touches more than Wallets then. :thinking:


Well played… :joy::rofl::joy::rofl::joy::rofl:

Bad Luck. I got him in the second Attempt
Good Luck for the next one

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You sell characters in Ascendance century? Alright…

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I just haven’t used her yet. I’m still going to use her someday (Which means after
the Pool Updates. Green 4* Chuck, becoming Siddiq was the last)

I don’t meant you should keep her, but why not use as fooder?

Strange, I got the 5* one

What? Which one?

Same here, I got 2 free 5 stars gifts today. :sunglasses::sunglasses:

Get gud and get Dead Icated

Didn’t get her during Xmas event, happy with that.
Thanks Scopely, looks like I’m dedicated enough.

Why does Scopley has to screw everythink up?

Serious, WTF, I got stupid 4* one!!!

I smell bullshet!!!

But there will be a Update neartime. Otherwise I only would level Blue for Darius and Bonnie.

Ascending for 5* fodder is meh, any in the pool are accessed by most.