Free 3Year Tokens for login... wow, #playerFirst decision finally


Gotta give credit to Scopely if they are giving away 3Year tokens for free. Good decision.

Might take a little of the edge off of the war problems, at least.


Lmfao, nothing really new compared to the free monthly toon we’ve been getting. Except of course the RNG to pull whatever.
The old anniversary events, if we played hard we got multiple pulls :rofl::rofl::rofl:


Yeah, gonna be a third dupe at the end.
September 25, 2018


It’s a pretty big difference to the monthly Maggie/Rick/Javi ascendable stashes over the past year.

None of those gave you a chance at the top tier toons like Erika/Magna, etc


Yeah. One pull. So damn generous given the other bullshit they do. Gonna enjoy my free Aris/Richard/Alpha/Connor/Gov/Kal. See what I did there?

The one and only toon in there I want that’s everywhere else is Zeke because I’m sure as shit not going to get him from Elite and Prestige. And I don’t need Connor when I already have Sandy and Javier. Watch me get everybody else except for the one toon I need. 10 tokens a day would’ve been a great offer. 3 free pulls.


Per day. Times 30.


This is pretty awesome good job scopley


Thank you scopes


Greatest login event would be 5 per day, not 4 lol


They could give everyone a free Erika and you would still have a thread on the forums with people bitching about it lol


Yeah it would be called “too many erikas”


Tip o the cap to the best Anniversary event to date, seriously how can they top this next year?

Free slaps and tickles?


I’d just like to see a ftp ranged 40 def 40 hp lead


You might not think its a player first thing when you get 5* Conner #4.


I think it’s pretty awesome, at the momentum I’m going, I should get 2 three year pulls.


With the museum collections, I imagine most FTP will get two pulls.


That’s my biggest fear


Why is this true. :man_facepalming::joy:


There have been better ones? Care to elaborate?

Best one I can think of is Lori…


Nevah gonna happen