☠ Free 165,000 Assault Tickets for all Factions!


Happy Holiday weekend!

Now, go kill Negan! :heart:








Again!! For holiday break! We want to give more people a chance to play!

Also, we’re looking into rebalancing the amount of tickets it takes. I will keep you posted.


Tickets be like



Unfortunately i am going to be too busy doing level ups for the next 5 years, but thanks anyway :joy::joy::joy:


Are we still a :white_check_mark: for the Faction Assault Q&A with a developer?


Maybe fixing the game freezing in assault before giving tickes could be a good idea…


Sure thing! I wanted to start it today but I figure we won’t be able to get back to you with answers until after this weekend!

I think I’ll start it on Monday! :slight_smile:
Thanks for askin’ MICK!


Monday funday!

Ty for the tickets;) so nerd i noticed it ingame before here;) we still lack an answer for those who gets tickets for completing FA;)


Thank you @kalishane. This is he kind of player first attitude we love! Ps… can you get rid of the faction leaderboard! It’s awful. Causing problems.


No problem, one of my leaders @Brospino has been collecting data about daily ticket gain and such. I am glad that there is a re-examination to the assault ticket economy in terms of its daily gains and limits.

We will be there Monday :slight_smile:


It’s crashes continuously fighting against Negan… in my faction will not give us time to finish because we are blocked to almost all…

I hope that you return to give tokens when you fix it because it costs a lot to get them and now nothing works :frowning_face:


Hi @Propain!!


I know, but still alot. I mean alot of factions did get tickets back after completing the assault. So something is wrong, and all we get is go around answers or none.

I know i to be true as my faction did get our tickets back after a co-lead started a t1 by accident.

All i want is a why some got it, while others dont.


zomg! thanks @kalishane u r the best




Why run him iF stats still bugged? Or was it stealth patched?


Ya know, leader skills and weapon stat buffs not applying to your team?