Fraud on Tapjoy


This is an FYI post for all community member please share with your faction mates, im 95% sure that the current offer for UK players to download a betting app called Kwiff is a scam,

The reviews on the google play store is very low , with many saying the app barely functions and is a shell,and from experience it asks for pretty much all of your vital information, including debit/credit card info (no paypal option) a picture of your passport/driving licence, email address, phone number and home address.
The information you are supposed to provide is more than enough information to defraud you, and more importantly when i asked about this the company stated they use a third party service to verify you, then when i pressed the issue they ignored me and promptly closed the chat.
These are major red flags certainly for me anyway and would advice anyone to stay away from the offer even though its for 5k coins.


This worked fine for me and I got my coins in 10 minutes

Bet 5 quid and got 10 back rhen closed the account


Many tap joy adds are totally fraud and they do not care at all. Scopee refuses to admit any responsibility stating they are a separate company even though they are partners as companies.

Good luck with tap joy. They are as cracked as scopee is just under a different name.


Im sure it worked fine but they have all your personal information now including driver/ passport number that they also give to an unknown third party , so have all the data they need to take out credit in your name


They never took my passport or drivers license when I signed up, just an email address and bank card


Fair enough, then id say its worth it but no app should ask for your passport details period, thats why i have so many fears about this paticular one


I’ve completed the offer, never got the coins. Contacted tapjoy and they said “we’re happy to lt yoy know that you’ve already been rewarded the 6300 points for …” so I went and checked but still only 99 coins in my account. Wtf?


Y’all are bold, sliding your CC out there to a company who’s name is misspelled quief to try to come out with $5 profit


Junkie’s do crazy shit for their next heroin hit.

Why would WD:RTS players be any different? Just because our fix is more socially acceptable.

P.s. for reference, I made a 120% profit and a little over 5,000 coins off this myself. Thinking of a Now TV pass and a Graze box for those next hits


Yeah i did the offer of 1,000 coins to get to the level 11 on lords mobile and after almost 2 weeks later i didnt get nothing for completing that stupid game, scopley needs to rethink this advertising system, its ridiculous and just a scam


Tapjoy is a separate company, and lords whatever is an additional separate company. Message tapjoy and they should get you right


I know lords, tapjoy and scopely are different companies but why scopely its collaborating with such a scam of a company as it is tapjoy and doesnt put some order in this that its my question, but i suppouse there are more important things to fix first i wonder if scopely couldnt affort having more employees to fix everything wrong with the game once and for all, tought probably its just a matter of coordination


To be fair, not getting some coins for completing a few levels of an alternate mobile game and having a genuine concern that your personal information ia being sold to identity thieves by a company masquerading as a betting app aren’t quite on the same level of scam…


Show me your email receipt where you messaged tapjoy about this issue.

The vast majority of the time, I get the coins from tapjoy offers. If I don’t, I email them and I get them.


Yeh agree with kanima here, there is clearly a problem with tap joy paying out, but this post is about a specific app on there, and potentially selling our personal information to third party companies. Judging by the amount of cold calls I received after submitting my phone number, they are selling this info on, and as they ask for passport info this is unacceptable


I did the same and got my coins within the hour


Have you previously done a offer that was related to lords? Because if you have that will be why you didn’t receive coins