Franklin or jason?

I’m debating whether to obtain Franklin or Jason, I have 40k season tokens which is enough for Franklin but I could also purchase shards for Jason which is the better choice?

I mean they are very different toons, depends on what you need, i would say Franklin bc i see more uses with him for a low lever player than with Jason but both are very expendable

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Yea I could use both of them I just want to determine the best choice for long run either defense or attack

I would go for Franklin. He can be annoying if modded well. I do have still 2 Jason‘s untouched in my inventory. Jason might be of help in SR tournaments. Since you came back after a 3 month break I suppose both have its pros and cons for your personal game.

Yeah i dont have an s that can revive yet so im leaning towards him but i also find usefulness in jason

In the long term - I am gonna say Jason, he is the only truly f2p lacerator toon, being a lacerator as other bleed toons are released he will gain in value. As fair as revives go, we got Kenny recently, so is Franklin nessecary?

It would depend on your roster. I personally used Jason this last war - Priya lead, Hengyen, Daiyu, Princess, Jason, I was fairly satisfied with how well he worked in that set up.

I would say though that if SR is an issue for you, having a green revive might be quite handy, especially if you dont have Herschel, for those Green/Strong only stages.

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Kenny buffs Franklin and 3 characters are dead.

Laughs with jiafeng A nice modded jiafeng can withstand several hits from a pryia and sometimes even a rush from princees.

She can also have a Pain spread weapon.

Ah sorry - you are correct, I had forgotten about the Six Stars - what I had meant was f2p Lacerator in the S Class world.

But how bad ass would Jason be from a Kenny Buff?

He would only gain from the focus part of Kenny rush since he doesnt deal damage(deals bleed.)

Sorry dint knew lol

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None of them, their existance are sad, but maybe Jason have some use in the right combo so he is the best choice no doubt.
Franklin is pure crap. Even for a player who start to play today he can purchase James who is a god compared with him and don’t cost a big amount of tokens, only daily grind for gold bars.

So, you got a mixture of insights about those two…

I would consider the fact that Jason needs to be obtained through maxing two 6*, while Franklin is a direct S-class.
Another thing to consider is bleed becomes more niche as Mercer cures Bleed T1, Aarav can do the same T2 - if you don’t have a reliable Daze toon, running a bleed team can turn out pretty risky and a no-rush team is easier with infection (Mateo is now grindable in daily maps, tourneys and battle pass, just needs Wangfa’s heal reduction active to shine).
What weapons (besides the ones you already wield in your target team) do you have available in green/blue?

Last, but not least - are you really sure you need to claim a league toon? It doesn’t need to be either/or. It can well be a “neither”… especially as you need additional season tokens to get the caps/jackets to upgrade the S-class for T3 and T4…

I understand what your saying but I like to collect as many toons as i can its odd but i just want to have one of each just for my personal collection.

jason is shit in the form of a human

Aaaaah, that’s a different story then! :slight_smile:

I am a bit similar in that regard, but not pushing it too much - simply get a toon if I can (sacrificing access to some gear or trainers is OK), but don’t sweat it if I can’t…

I got the Jason 5* & 6* toons and 6k cards from last season, spent 40k on Franklin, since there was nothing else to spend my 80k+ season tokens on (I got a stun focus 15/35, don’t need another red 15/35). I am even levelling Franklin and the 5* Jason when it’s a renown mission (peacekeeper or green), but not sure I’d really go for upgrading the S-class or ever use either of them in battle…

If you just want to collect, I’d suggest Franklin. With Jason it seems that his cards might be available from different sources later, but Frankling might be a one-season chance only - just like Ivanova (who, contrary to the other two, is actually useful)

I disagree. There are far worse Toons that him cough Tiffany cough Eugene cough

Yeah but tiffany is hot and eugene is the mullet.
jason looks like a weirdo.

Depends on your roster. Mainly if you got Kenny, there is little use for Franklin. Jason can be very useful for sr and fa.

[Cons] His active is absolute garbage, execution is meh (beheading would’ve made him really good), and his rush can be shut down via a stun (or impair, I think) weapon. Statline limits him to only offensive uses. No real synergy with most available s-class
[Pros] could be given a stun weapon to give him some utility (and stun+heal weapon could give him some solid sustain). Revive is never not a good thing. Could potentially kill multiple toons in a single rush via execution (however this is not guaranteed due to the nature of multi-hit rushes). Benefits from the general pros of multi-hit rushes such as crits and less chance for wasted damage due to the additional attacks. Can be bought outright as an S-class toon.

[Cons] utility neutered by stun/bleed resist mods (however bleed resist is usually only used if it’s the only option). Has a hard time eliminating multiple targets quickly without the aid of another lacerator or an ally with a weapon mod to spread bleed. Requires leveling and ascending two 5* Jason’s to upgrade to s-class.
[Pros] Very high potential single target damage. Potential to shut down a single opponent for up to four turns. Due to his statline, can be used on attack or defense. Can be paired with an additional lacerator to build up damage faster. Works well with most freely available s-class such as Raulito, Wangfa, Sec Guo, Hengyen, or Daiyu.

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