Fraction raid and solo lvl up

please let me know what time these 2 events start and the rewards

Same rewards as they have been for the past 4 months lmao. Starts in 12 hrs time


i guess i shouldn’t be surprised with the rewards

Raids starting 2am UK time,
Level up 6pm UK time

Rewards are, sadly more or less identical to the last few
Both events will finish around 6pm Sunday


Level Up:


Other than the necklaces pure garbage as usual.

Game is so stale and nothing but a chore. They are so cheap for 500k they cant even give a beanie and a flak and for 750 a bag and a walkie.


another boring weekend it looks like


We all need to find something better to do with our free time. I was gonna hit 4200 for the Benedicts and the necklaces but I really don’t have the desire to waste my time anymore.


I’m unemployed atm, so this game is the most interesting thing I can even do atm.

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seriously? thats what your worried about is a beanie and a flak jacket ? i get plenty of them from the roadmaps…don’t even need them there just collecting dust id prefer the way it is now maybe throw in a 6 star gear every once in awhile or maybe a raid,world or war refill but still i wouldn’t go as far to say this has become a chore and if you feel that way then im sorry but please stop complaining…all i wanted was info about the events

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The point is they are too cheap to even give basic near useless crap to us. They took away a row and added the necklaces instead of just adding the necklaces.

Don’t read my posts if they don’t interest you. It’s a free country and as long as no violation of the tos is being commited you have no say in what anyone says here.

I can’t believe understand the logic behind this. Surely Scopely wants to make money; people used to spend to win solo events when 5* toons were up for grabs. Now everyone just uses cans they bought from the depot or won in war or just YGL for level ups. I have over 200 raid cans and have no desire to use them; I used to hit the 4200 milestone but I have a backlog of bennys now because I am so short on legendary medals. For the love of God, bring back toons as solo rewards! We will be happier and spend more, I assure you of that.

Right back at ya. It’s just like we all feel about you.

BTW There getting two Lori’s for free and your not getting any compensation.

lol I don’t care tbh I can buy benedicts if I need them Just like I’ve bought toons, cans and whatever else I want

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same ole same ole… agree that aside from necklaces, there’s just no excitement anymore. another few people in my region have gone bye bye.

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