Fraction assult

Fraction assult is maybe the stupidest event you have introduced to this game. Please get rid of it or introduce a new scoring scheme to it…with dieing regions now we put our fraction mates vs one another. It should be about defeating the boss everyone should score the same amount…work towards a goal not create tension amoung teammates.


Sounds like a personal problem in the faction. If the leader and other factions mates can’t self regulate, that’s not a Scopely problem, that’s a ya’ll problem. I can only, officially speak for my faction but we love it and should t suffer the loss of it because your faction can’t handle their business


I agree with Bane, both of my factions work as a team and love running them. My only complaint is it takes forever to build up enough tickets to run tier 5, once every two weeks or so is not nearly enough imo.


Please… faction assault leaderboard is crap. Just another way for scopely to bottle neck the gear. They have stated that the leaderboard is to show who works the hardest in the faction… this is how clueless they are about their game. Out of all faction events, SR, Level up, Raid, War… this is the ONLY ONE that doesn’t show who works the hardest. Give us individual leaderboards in those events also then if your going to continue this sham!

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Fraction assault got me all worked up. Who knew elementary school math would be so useful!!!


I agree. Our fac can complete t5 in one day with about 15 people. Now we are forced to come up with a way to make sure everything is fair. And wait at the end of negan to make sure everyone actually gets a hit.

I’m not saying working together isn’t an option but it seems unnecessary to have to do tons of extra planning for Fac Assault. I think they should change something


I would say the problem is waiting on others to hit sure any 5-10 people from my fraction could clear this easy. But waiting on others telling people not to over hit so that people can collect items is just annoying.

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I got garbage from that bag every time the 2nd part needs to be redone that gear is a joke in there the token part I get 4* tokens and item every time oh ya 1st part crap as well

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I agree a bit but it just needs improvements overall.

I lol’d.
Your faction sounds kinky