Fraction assault ticket issue


I don’t know but I don’t have the “normal” picture for the Fraction Assault tickets (I got this like Placeholder kinda picture)

I think I have to get this Picture with the tickets?!


This is the only one I found (a community screenshot from another member)


“Phaction Assault”


I had the same problem too. Found a way to fix it, you should try it. Because Scopely would PROBABLY fix it in a future game update. But that is giving too much hope in them resolving this issue. So, leave a ticket in the game setting and wait for one of the helpful dudes in there to answer your question or just do either of those depending on the type of phone you have:

Android: Delete the game’s cache memory. That should fix the icon next time you enter or so I have been told by other android users.

Iphone: Uninstall and install the game again(there is no such thing as cache memory in iphone sadly). That should fix the icon. It did to me. Took way more time than it should thou. My internet connection sucks.

I don’t get this. I don’t see Phaction written anywhere.


He’s making a joke that ‘PH’ in the pic stands for ‘Phaction’. (More likely, it’s a PlaceHolder pic)


Thanks captain. You can fly away now.