Four star weapon help

i’ve been saving up four star weapon tokens for a while now, and was just wondering if there was any difference in opening them in bulk or not. it says chances may improve with pulls, but you can only get 4* weapons and nothing else. does it mean you have a higher chance of getting weapons with better stats like the ones you see scrolling by in the menu (Diamond Knife, Ricks Sheva Revolver) or are the odds the same? thanks guys!

I find i get better luck opening in a group… whether it’s just my perception or not I don’t know

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It depends on your bucket. :expressionless::wastebasket:


IF you have spent about $1k your chances improve from sh1t to slightly sh1t, if you spend $10k they improve greatly to just about better than sh1t, so long as no other big spender has sniped in & grabbed all the good stuff from your bucket. You are best to contact an official Scope Rep & clarify in which bucket you reside & how much you would need to spend to get into a better bucket. Failing that you can cross your fingers & click away

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100% for 4* Yes but in this 100% is 1% for Clementine gun, 1% for stun gun, 2% for ap down etc. More % for shitty weapons ofc.
Every single weapon should be on the list with % chance to get. But this is scopely. Lords of buckets

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You must have this bucket first download

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can someone explain the bucket thing to me i’m lost :rofl:

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