Four star best teams

So, I have been mucking around with the four star characters I’ve kept and have come up with some teams I’d love to use if the opportunity ever came up. I know I could use them on roadmaps or world map, but it’d be nice to give them a go in a competitive sense like when I first started the game almost four years ago.

It would be cool to add something like “day zero” to arenas where we give some of these characters a go, although it may not be viable for everyone if you have purged your roster.

Anyone got some good teams to add? I think the following may work alright.

Nah… None left, since all are used as fodder…:joy:


Gave up keeping mine a long time ago, think i kept 4 ltd ed toons and thats it, hope they dont go ‘old school old school’ :joy:

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wait a MINUTE. I thought rifle rick was a 5* not a 4?

There were 2, pretty sure i’ve got both?

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:tough: is called Antons Assassin’s


It could be done as a draft maybe ?
Might be a laugh.

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I only got his 5 star. (THis was before I joined the forums) I didn’t know he was a struggle to get due to scopely’s dumbness.

Never seen Devin before, @Dr.Mekar, where is he available?

Via Ascendance and the Training Grounds.

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No, terrible idea, open a new account where you can play with 4s and let the rest of normal people be

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