Found my garret



Finally found my garrett along with 30 lucky tokens in the region I transferred from. I didn’t check as once I transferred I didn’t have an account there. I contacted support but they say they can’t do anything. @JB.Scopely can you help please? Your assistance would be greatly appreciated.


They wont be able to transfer rewards either had the issue with the rosita crate


I don’t see why they can’t. You can transfer prestige rewards. And I earned them, it’s them that messed up.


Dude delete your account code from here, you don’t want that to be shared


Sucks that they stopped transfers for a while in case something like this happens and yet here we are. The cure from health.


Ok I deleted it. Not sure why anyone would share it. Think I transferred just before they stopped them.


Same thing happened to me and they did swap them, they sent me back to my old region to collect them and then they transferred them to my new region so they can do it if they want to.


When i was talking to them about the rosita crate they said it wasnt possible


Ok thanks. Good to know there’s still a slight chance.


They are bots… they dont know shit.


I haven’t even received my garret and support told me the can’t do anything… They said rewards have already been distributed and they can’t do anything about it. So now I miss out on garret, This hasn’t been the first time this has happened every other event like this I don’t receive any rewards at all and have to contact support about it, normally it takes them a couple of tries then they will send them through but with this whole anniversary I have got shut down every message then told if I try and contact support again they will ignore any future messages and will continue to close my request. I have also tried to contact a few devs on here but also have been ignored, I’m not sure what to do now.


Same. Just bs answers every time. This is the latest.

It’s geting frustrating to say the least. I’ve not spent since either so they’re losing out too.


Wow I actually got the same response from the same person not long ago.


Yeah, copy and paste smh. Been playing 3 yrs, spent an obscene amount of money and the one time I need support all I get is copy and paste bs.



Sorry I got the order backwards. But same shyt. I hate this :frowning:

@JB.Scopely please help


They can do this if they want to. They fixed mine in the first round when 60 tokens went to my old region, but in the second round when 30 went they refused. I got copy and paste emails for weeks until a live person flat out told me no.

It’s crappy, but you probably won’t get them. Most of my faction was able to make a 3rd pull after this last crw, but I’m still short.


@JB.Scopely here’s what support was doing when Scopely messed up initial distribution. It’s extremely poor form to penalize the players for mistakes made exclusively by your company. Clearly “Support” can fix these situations easily. Tell us why they will not. @Shawn.Scopely @Andrea_Scopely


They have the ability to do anything they want. They choose not to. This games customer service is an absolute disgrace. Worst thing I have ever seen. What’s the problem here? He earned garret and his tokens… move it to the correct region. Ridiculous.


Ugh. Banging my head against a brick wall…