Found a typo in the new update

Egg hunt act 1 stage 6

Lol. Good job scopley.

Where’s the typo?

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Recommended grade mb?

Dang, I’m only a couple grades away.

That’s been there since they made it in Beta, it’s been discussed the day it was announced.

S18 :stuck_out_tongue:


Well sorry I didn’t see that post. Cause I’m not in a beta region.

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Everyone – let’s please try to be nicer to people asking questions – that’s what the forums are for – to share information.

Thank you @Jessie702 for sharing! It very well could’ve been unknown! We appreciate it. :slight_smile:

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Whatever dude. Maybe people didn’t see the past post. Or some people didn’t see the post at all like I did. So why don’t you move along to the next post


Added :ballot_box_with_check: