Found a 6* maxed Andrea being used


Faction: Wolves
Region: Meriwether


Yeah, they didnt reset all of the andreas, some people hacked/managed to slip under the radar


Ugh…guess that’ll be ignored?


and that’s a surprise to you because… ?


Cuz I’m waiting for Christmas miracle


good for you. it’s good to see somebody still believes in x’mas magic.


Some guy in our region claims that not only is his Andrea maxed…but he also got the refunded materials…


Report him


I’ve run into one as well. Didn’t think to document it though. Killed her pretty easy so I didn’t think anything of it.

If I run into it again I’ll note it.


It was the same faction that someone else raised the issue about a while back. I assume it’s the same player.


3 telsiz ile 36 kitap elde edilir. Andreayı t1 yapmış olabilir.


I’ve just come across another in same faction @JB.Scopely

Pm’d details


The one thing i noticed as we had someone in our region with a maxed out ~Andrea was that person hadnt gone back on to the game for almost 2 days, so his game wasnt updated but his maxed andrea was placed in defence team. it was only until he logged on that she was reset

seems impossible as it was over a week ago it happened but some people might have quit etc and not logged back on


This guy was putting up points, so he has logged in


I raided them and reported last night. Watch scopely do NOTHING


We don’t care keep paying for the subscription though we need the money at scopely HQ for syrup.


Does anyone know how many comics are needed? or how many so far?


think this is it


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