Forum Watch Admin controlling Narrative

Title say all that is being said.

Will you admit this game need to be fix?

Forum is owned by the company
So yes the narrative is decided by the company

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So why have a forum then? Lol

To form a community to shout at each other in a manner they can control rather than the community self-creating and managing their own views on a third part platform where Scopely cannot moderate or control the discussion?

Seriously though, if you’re civil in your complaints, they don’t get flagged or removed. Don’t complain hard, complain smart.


I wasn’t complaining.

I asked a fair question.

Is it fair to say the game is underwhelming bad over the past while and fail to communicate with the players that they need to fix this game? Is that not a constructive criticism that should be address then ignoring the problem.

Is that a violation of their forum policy but they keep flagging as it is.

Stop defending their actions.

How am I defending their actions? I literally implied the only reason this place exists is so we don’t actually go off and create our own community to unite together for change.

Can’t comment on why your post was removed. However there are plenty of posts which note

  1. The lack of enoyability in the game
  2. The constant failure to communicate (or even listen to feedback).

So I can only presume it was how you provided the criticism, not what you criticised.


Or who you are, or who your friends are

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Then the company should comment on the status of this game, instead of throwing the forum’s admins under the bus with the staple lines of" taken to the team" and “working as designed”. did AOW/CRW work as designed? if the company doesn’t truly want to know how ppl feel close the forum and just do what ever you like.


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