Forum Setup and Design


This is a visual JOKE! Update - welcome back to chat rooms of the early 2000’s. Can we go back.


It is very hard on the eyes. :frowning:


There needs to be a better contrast in colors.


This is HORRIBLE… They clearly want us to leave and avoid having to answer our question. AWFUL


Thanks - that should be the default view but still not a good experience at all.


Hey guys, the best thing to do for now is go to the “Interface” in your profile settings and tinker with the “Theme” option, as stated above and see if it helps your eyeballs.

As we get settled in let me see if @kalishane can get more color “Themes” added so that the forums are better viewed on different devices.

Forum theme - are there choices?
Old template (White) was better

Default theme is horrendous.


Thanks Mick!

Yes, we’ll be looking into it. I am trying to get some help from my web programmer friend.

He’s been insanely busy but I should be able to add more soon!



I set it so you can choose a theme if that helps! :slight_smile:


Nothing says Scopely like dark and gloomy projections lol